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Welcome to the best decade for music on the best place to hear it – the 80s Music Station!

EVERY HOUR we play a mix of 80s Classics, Disco and Party tracks to shake your booty to! Other REGULAR shows are The New Wave Hour (Mon-Fri 5pm), Dave Graham’s Weekend Experience (Sat 10pm – Midnight LIVE) and Sunday Night Disco Night (Sun 8pm – 10pm) All times UK (GMT+1) – and starting soon LIVE Mon – Fri 7am to 9am, The Sunny Side Up Breakfast Show w/ Dave Graham (details soon) – also featuring now Ron Kovacs Request Show Friday 11pm to 3am and coming soon – Bobby Jay’s Great Soul Performances 1980s and  . . . .  the Unknown Gorgeous Rocker (hopefully!) with her Weekend Rock Show

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Internet Radio 80s Music StationWhat have we played?

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THIS SUNDAY It’s Radio Luxembourg Night !

8 hours of airchecks, interviews, jingles and commercials from Europe’s one-time music giant of the airwaves – the GREAT 2-0-8 Radio Luxembourg.

Hear the music how it used to be played over the radio, many in Great Briatain if too young would have listened to the fading in and out signal under the bed sheets with a cheap transistor radio on 208 metres/1440 kilohertz

Proper radio. Proper music. Proper memories. See you then.

80s Music Update

At the moment we are only operating one of our stations. When things are clearer we will bring back 257 Good Time Gold in the same live format as 80s Music Station.
Christmas Music Station will return on September 1st once again bringing you non-stop Christmas music.

New Website

This is our new website which we have painstakingly made to give a consistant design on all devices. They call it responsive. We call it welcome to 2020 and getting with the times. No more nasty static page that looks OK on a PC, but horrific on a smartphone screen. We hope you like it.

80s Music Station

The web’s *original* 80s themed radio station is back and playing nothing but music from the decade that MADE the music, the 1980s!

DAVE GRAHAM will be LIVE 10pm to midnight on Saturday with the Weekend Experience.

The 80s Music Station

The 80s Music Station launched on September 20th 2013 in a blaze of zero publicity.
Since that time the station has gone from hero to zero with various tweaks and format changes. But now the original format from 2013 is back and sounding like dynamite!
Solid steel from Radio 257. It’s the original, it’s the best, it’s the 80s Music Station !

The Christmas Music Station

The Christmas Music Station launched on September 1st 2008, probably the first and longest all year round station playing Christmas music . . . it doesn’t take much to be a secret xmas music listener – you won’t be on your own, we know Santa is listening!

257 Good Time Gold

257 Good Time Gold launched in July 2017 as part of the extended Radio 257 family of stations, Good Time Gold soon rose in popularity, out performing all but 80s Music Station.

The Day The 80s Music Died

by Dave Graham | 19th July 2014

Hard to believe after all these years, but on 19th July 2014 the 80s Music Station actually closed down to be replaced with Euro POP Radio.
Well thankfully the closure didn’t last long and EPR was soon replaced by Radio 257 in turn formatting back to 80s Music Station.
But on our first “final” night we had over 5,000 streams open listening to our final show on that sad but poingiant British summer evening.
19th July 2014. The day the 80s music died!

Internet Radio 80s Music StationPopular songs on the 80s MUSIC STATION . . .

Ron Kovacs' All Request Show - Friday 11pm to 3am UK time.

Radio online

Do you have a RECIVA radio?

Reciva is a range of Internet radio enabled receivers, you can listen to us through these real radio devices – just search 80s Music Station on any Reciva enabled device or use Reciva code 27077